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Let’s Juice


Why Juicing you  might ask? Well here's the scoop.

Naturally made juices flood your body with natural nutrients, enzymes and vitamins, which are easily absorbed by your body. They are full of pure goodness and a great way to incorporate fruit and vegetables into your diet.

Every one of Raw Life’s juices have been grown locally and juiced by us, so you know it’s tip top. While we make sure we always have everyone’s favourite juices available as often as possible, sometimes ingredients change depending on what’s in season… That’s the nature of Nature.

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It all started in 2012 when our young family was struggling to find a healthy takeaway option at the local markets. While there were plenty of people selling soft drinks and fried food, there was nothing to get the fruit and veg fix we were craving.

Instead of just accepting the status quo, we decided to offer an alternative and bring some goodness to likeminded people – Raw Life was born, with a single humble trailer and lots of fresh local produce.



If you’re new to the health and wellness world (firstly, hey and welcome!) - you may not be familiar with what juice cleanses entail and what makes them so dang good.

Juice cleanses are essentially a period of fasting in which you consume fresh and raw juices, giving your digestive system a little bit of a rest from processing solid food. The juices within your cleanse replace your meals, ensuring that each ‘meal’ over your fasting period is an injection of vitamins, minerals and goodness to your body. Here at Raw Life we make sure that erry single juice that you consume, whilst you cleanse with us, is of the highest quality.

In a (coco)nutshell? It means you’ll be getting raw, cold pressed and full-to-the-brim-with-nutrients kind of juice.

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When It Comes To Juicing,

We’re Your Main Squeeze!

Let’s Juice