If you’re new to the health and wellness world (firstly, hey and welcome!) - you may not be familiar with what juice cleanses entail and what makes them so dang good.

Juice cleanses are essentially a period of fasting in which you consume fresh and raw juices, giving your digestive system a little bit of a rest from processing solid food. The juices within your cleanse replace your meals, ensuring that each ‘meal’ over your fasting period is an injection of vitamins, minerals and goodness to your body. Here at Raw Life we make sure that erry single juice that you consume, whilst you cleanse with us, is of the highest quality. In a (coco)nutshell? It means you’ll be getting raw, cold pressed and full-to-the-brim-with-nutrients kind of juice.

But “what does ‘cold press’ even mean?” we hear you cry. We are glad you asked! By extracting the juice via a cold press, we ensure that vital nutrients and enzymes are not lost or damaged (as can often be the way when their extraction methods involve heating, like in traditional juicers). This process also ensures that you are getting living and thriving micronutrients from each fruit and vegetable we press, and when consumed within 3 days of its creation, our juices undergo little oxidation. Meaning more goodness from the plant to your tums – just as nature intended. 

Our juices are 100% raw, plant based and derived deliciousness with no added preservatives, flavours or sugars.

I mean, nature has been providing the goods for millions of years, why would we mess with that?

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You run, you yoga, you eat your greens, you say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ – you may look at doing a cleanse to offer you a little more nutrient density to your diet and boost your vitality. Or perhaps you’re a little time poor, seeking support to establish better eating habits and feel better, but simply don’t have the time? Or maybe you’re like most of us. You try your best, eat well (in moderation), move your body and try to do the best thing for your health (well … most of the time anyway) but are just looking for an opportunity to reset and refresh? Most of us have bad habits, those behaviours that are a little detrimental to our health and wellbeing, that tend to sneak in when life gets busy and we get overwhelmed. We get it. Which is why created this cleanse for you.

A cleanse can bring about incredible benefits including (but, excitingly, not limited to): improved energy, improved sense of wellbeing and vitality, better sleep, reduced cravings, weight loss, balancing appetite and increasing satiety, promotes a healthier lifestyle, boosts mental clarity, promotes cellular repair and restoration, and so many more. Oh and one of the biggest incentives? It tastes SO DARN GOOD!


Let’s Get Juicy

Preparing For Your Cleanse



Why not set an intention for your cleanse? What are your goals for this period and what are you hoping to get out of it? By setting a clear intention and establishing this dedication to your ‘why’, your cleanse will be so much easier to adhere to. You have a burning reason behind it, and it’ll carry you through each and erry juice.

We also recommend that our cleansers start to kick off the detoxification process before the first juice. This means reducing (or eliminating) the following in the days before and the week leading up to your cleanse:

  • Caffeine (try swapping coffee for herbal teas)

  • Refined sugar

  • Alcohol

  • Nicotine

  • Processed foods

  • We recommend cleansers start to incorporate lighter, plant based meals in the lead up to their juice cleanse. And, our number one tip, hydrate yo’self! Water is so important in the flushing and removals of toxins from the body and is so important before, during and after cleansing.



Once again, let’s up your water intake over the course of your cleanse. Cleansing can feel super energising, but often a period of cleansing encourages a slower pace and lots of rest.

Remember ‘rest’? It’s something that we so often neglect in this busy world, but so vital to our restoration and healing.

Start each day with a lemon water upon waking, which is epic for detoxification and gets the digestive system ready and firing for the day ahead. We recommend our cleansers have a juice every 2 hours. This window is a tried and tested spacing of time during the cleanse and prevents hunger, stabilisers blood sugar levels, keeps our tummies full and allows ample time for our body to process and assimilate all of the amazing nutrients that the juices deliver.

We suggest that you crack open your first juice 8am, and consume one of the 6 x 500mL juices every two hours following this. So you’ll launch into juice number two at 10am, juice three at 12pm, juice four at 2pm, juice five at 4pm and juice six at 6pm. We also encourage cleansers to enjoy plenty of water and perhaps herbal teas as you feel you need (if you’re craving a non juicy side kick).

Raw Life also offer an optional nutmilk for the evening which can be the perfect way to end the day, fostering a full and happy tummy before heading to bed for some much needed R and R.

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We are often asked whether it’s ok to exercise whilst on a juice cleanse. Our biggest piece of advice? Listen to your wise ole body! Depending on the degree of detoxification that your body has undergone (often influenced by your prior health and eating habits) you may be feeling like a few stretches on your yoga mat, or a slow beach walk, is all you can muster. This is absolutely fine. Movement enhances detoxification, so if you are feeling up to it, we would encourage you to move your body a little each day. This promotes lymphatic drainage which assists in removal of toxins in the body.



You’re likely feeling all shiny and new after your juicy reset. Firstly, congratulations. Well done on making such a kind change for your health and for putting your vitality and wellness first. You go Glen Coco! After the cleanse period we recommend that you keep up a plant based diet. Why not try out a few light and fresh recipes that you’ve dogeared in one of your cookbooks, or one you’ve saved on Pinterest? Preparedness is key. Make sure your fridge is stocked with plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Keep the incredible momentum and healthy routine that you’ve established over the past few days.



Big juicy love, RAW LIFE






 If you need any support or advice before, during or after your cleanse please don’t hesitate to reach out and we can point you towards some absolutely fantastic Local Qualified Health & Wellness Coaches who can help you to continue on your healthy journey offering the first consult for FREE. Just click on their links below.