Our juice

Why Juicing you  might ask? Well here's the scoop.

Naturally made juices flood your body with natural nutrients, enzymes and vitamins, which are easily absorbed by your body. They are full of pure goodness and a great way to incorporate fruit and vegetables into your diet.

Every one of Raw Life’s juices have been grown locally and juiced by us, so you know it’s tip top. While we make sure we always have everyone’s favourite juices available as often as possible, sometimes ingredients change depending on what’s in season… That’s the nature of Nature.

Tastes so good...

From the juice bar and in the jar

Mean Green

MG pic.jpg

For when you need to inject some muscle in your hustle. Full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Apple, celery, pear, kale, cucumber, lemon,ginger and mint


ranga pic copy.jpg

A vitamin C boost to give you some spring, with lemon and ginger to add in some zing.

Carrot, orange, lemon and ginger



refresher pic.jpg

Like jumping into the southern sea, with less sharks and more nutrients. High in folate, Vitamin C, manganese and love.

Carrot, orange, pear, apple, beetroot, lemon and ginger



IMG_0082 2.JPG

A fruity forest of flavour to put a smile on your dial. This healthy mocktail jolts essential minerals and vitamins into your system.

Apple, pear and orange & lemon



cleanse juice copy.jpg

All vegetables for those that are already sweet enough.

Beetroot, Celery, Lemon, Carrot, Ginger.




refresher in hand.jpg

From the juice bars only


Watermelon, Apple, Orange.


Carrot, Celery, Apple.

Flu Fighter

Celery, Carrot, Lemon, Ginger, Apple, Orange.


Apple, Orange.

The Shed Markets

The Shed Markets